Restaurants take back control

A members Club, that allows Restaurants from Fine Dining down to the mid-level Casual Dining Sector to be able to create, package and publish a unique table experience, available exclusively to Apparier Customers – who will pay in advance.

Apparier’s ingredients:

Restaurants can offer exclusive packages – Food & drink, with special chefs, table seating, include a signed book and maybe a chance to meet the chefs – to make a wonderful “experience” that can be sold as a “bundle” prior to the diner’s arrival.
Features and functionality for the Apparier subscribed members would include: Connecting to Uber, leaving a rating, tipping the waiter, and gifting the package to others.

How does it help the restaurants:

In its current format, Apparier addresses the No-show culture (which costs the restaurant sector Billions each year). Apparier empowers the restaurant to be able to create, publish and sell – prepaid offers and very special experiences – unlocking reservations for diners around the world.

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